About Me


Who Am I?

Hey that’s my face up there!
I’m Bijou, a 38 year old daughter-raising, lover of pro-wrasslin, cup-is-half-full type of girl. In my spare time I put things off so I can sleep.

Stuff I do

I wrote my first book while I was in elementary school (The Talking Car!), which my mother still has to this day. While writing has been a secret passion of mine for many, many years, others have come and gone in its stead. Comic Penciller, business consultant, online entertainer…I’d say my endeavors have been as varied as my hair colors.

Nowadays, I reside in Florida with my boyfriend, my daughter and our cat. In my spare time I can usually be found blogging on Oh Criminy!, playing World of Warcraft or parked in front of Netflix.

I found at a young age that writing is such an amazing tool, either as a personal outlet or a means to aid others, That rings especially true in the world we live today, where everything is found in digital media. I love making connections through mine and others’ works, and try to promote writing at every chance I get.