Hair Today, gone tomorrow?

To say I’ve had a myriad of hairstyles / colors in my life so far, would be an understatement. There was a phase I went through, where every month or so, I was rocking a different color. On occasion, more than one. clay-aiken_joseph_dreamcoat-650.jpg

There was blonde, black, blue-that-eventually-turned-turquoise-then-green, pink, red, brown, copper, etc. There have been short hair styles, shorter hair styles, pixies, weird lopsided cuts that I did myself (my stylist was not happy with me)…even bowl cuts. BOWL CUTS. What the hell? I went through elementary and middle school with basically a straight line of hair hovering over my eyes. Terrible.

A couple of years ago, I decided to grow my hair out, for the first time.

In my naiveté, I just assumed that the longer hair was, the easier it would be to manage, to style, etc. I imagined having a silky, long, flowing mane of glorious hair akin to what you find in Style magazines.

thick hair
Looks easy enough, right?

Granted, I’ve never had hair THAT long. At it’s longest, mine was probably close to mid-shoulder blade length. But I really didn’t think that should matter. So, off to my Stylist I went.

The day I got it cut & shaped, it looked amazing. I was pumped up, thinking to myself “Fuck yeah self, you’ve got this! You can style this every morning because you want to look fucking HOT, right? Right, self?”

Jfc, I’ve never been more wrong about something.

Literally me the next morning. And the morning after that, etc.

I’ve straightened it. I blow dry it. I let it air-dry. I’ve made sacrifices to the hair Gods to get gorgeous long hair. Instead I get referred to as mushroom head.

So now, my hairstyle is Ponytail. High ponytail, low ponytail….sometimes I get a little crazy and decide to put it in a bun! Fuck this. People have told me “If all you do with long hair is put it up, then don’t have long hair”. And that’s where I’m at now.

I’m going back to a pixie cut. The one hairstyle I KNOW I can handle. I feel awesome when I have a pixie cut. Why did I ever grow mine out?!

But then again, while finishing this post, I stopped to go take a shower and wash my hair. Decided to give it one last try.


So yeah, I’m loving long hair.




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