The absurdity of it all!

Let’s talk about influences. No, not the “my grandfather was a great man” type, even though mine was, and I’m sure yours was as well. I mean more along the lines of “I’m this way because of this experience” or “this book”, etc. Things that molded us as little people, into the weird-but-society-conforming (mostly) fucks most of us are today.

I believe my first Far Side comic was read somewhere around the age of 10. 2c875e7362de351f711a729c2d4f3792

At that age, I did not understand exactly WHY I found this so funny. Eventually, I realized it was the absurdity of it all. I fell in love with this type of humor, and honestly, I question people that aren’t eventually reduced to tears from laughing at Gary Larson’s creation. The man is a genius, and even after all these years, I can pull out an old Far Side book I have nestled away, and still laugh.

I also had an obsession with Louie Anderson’s stand up. One that stands out is the bit about Grandma’s doilies being possible landmines. Again, absurdity and I loved it. Other comedians have made my list as well. Brian Regan, who is an expert at telling the funniest g-rated comedy I’ve heard in my life. The amazing Mitch Hedberg. Overly animated Martin Short. Etc.

I discovered Cracked magazine when it was a competitor to Mad magazine. I’m still amazed that not one adult in my life ever looked at an issue and decided it wasn’t appropriate for a middle school kid. Cracked Magazine 255 001

My lifetime friend, not-Frank. I call him Not-Frank, because I’ve known him for 30~ years, and all that time I thought his name was Frank. It’s not. Not even close actually. This guy went 3 decades with his best friend calling him the wrong name every day and never corrected me. Still, up until I met my boyfriend, “Frank” was easily the funniest person I had ever known. He really taught me the humor found in self-depreciation.

Aaaand then, I stumbled across Allie Brosh and Hyperbole & a Half. Blown away. I’ve bought two copies of that book. Her humorous approach at talking about sensitive subjects was mind-blowing to me. tim-and-eric-mind-blown

Sure, there are other things, stories in themselves, such as my older sister’s constant tormenting. Or growing up with crawfish as pets and assuming it was completely normal, that have helped make me who I am.

I laugh when children fall down. ice-cream-van-2

Honestly, this shit will never NOT be funny to me.

Leave a comment below and share a little of what makes you, you.




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