It’s not THAT big

Veggies. I love veggies(as we all should). I mean, I’ll eat a can of green beans as a snack sometime, or cut a tomato in half, some salt, some pepper, mmmmmm yes thank you. So, when my coworker offered to bring me in some fresh veggies from her garden a few days ago, I was super excited. 

I did not expect this:


Notice the 16.9fl oz water bottle for size comparison. 

Now, obviously, we were both pretty amazed at how large this zucchini is. Which led me to google “how big can a zucchini get”. 


This big, evidently:

big zuke

Seriously. And that’s not even the biggest one I found while perusing images. I’ve learned that people love their giant veggies. LOVE them. Which led me over to This blog post 

Now, after seeing the meals made from that giant zucchini, I feel like I would be doing the giant zucchini community a disservice by just steaming mine, or adding it to stir-fry. I’ll have you know, both of those options count as a gourmet meal in my book. 

So now I’m all like haah

What do I do with this thing? Now I have to actually cook?! And buy ingredients to cook with?!


I hate you, zucchini. You were once the shining light of my day, but you’ve since turned into the bane of my afternoon. I will cook you. And I will eat you. I won’t even eat all of you, just out of spite. 

But I’ll enjoy every bite, you asshole. 






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