Oh look, another blog….

Yes, yes. Like the world needed another blog to add to the already existing 500-million blogs currently online (I’m basing this, of course, on absolutely 0 factual data). But this one will be different! (no, it won’t). It’ll make people laugh! (most likely not). It’ll inspire! (ok, slow down there, Gandhi).

With a “harumph” and less-than-room-temperature coffee in my hand, I’m doing it anyway. I have stories to tell, you know? Good ones, too. Like the time I fell in a hippo pool at the zoo. Or my old haunted house. Or sleeping in the closet as a little kid.

BUT! Just a warning to anyone that might come across this blog. I will probably offend you at some point, and for that I really, really do apologize, and offer this cake in peace.


But really, aren’t we all cunts at some point?






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